We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on “Macro-fractures localization in the reservoir by production logging and well-testing” by Мorozovskiy Nikita, LLC «Gazpromneft STC».

SPE invites you to submit your abstracts for the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference and Exhibition. The 2016 event will take place on 24-26 October in the World Trade Center Moscow, under the motto "In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity", Albert Einstein.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on “Reservoir surveillance for commingled production oil reservoirs” by Sergey Melnikov, LLC «Gazpromneft STC».


Remaining economically recoverable hydrocarbon volumes determine, according to the international standards, the value of any oil or gas asset.


Seismic data has been long and successfully used for building field models. Development of the structural framework, sequence- and seismic-stratigraphic interpretation, forecasting of reservoir properties in the inter-well space are the habitual areas of seismic studies.


An offshore gas field discovered with initial exploration well enters the appraisal phase with tangible uncertainties in resource base (a P10/P90 ratio of 3.1), well productivity (P10/P90 of 2.1) and cost estimates (-30%/+50% tolerance).

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 19:00

Methods of integrated modeling and design


Many new projects are only marginally economic because of the low quality of reserves brought into production, their remote location from transport infrastructure, high surface facilities costs. Integrated design is one of the ways of improving their economic efficiency: joint optimization of technical solutions for reservoir development, field facilities and construction of external transport taking into account technical characteristics and cost.


The Orlan platform, located off the east coast of Sakhalin Island, Russia, commenced operations on the second stage of Chayvo field development in 2005.

We invite you to SPE young professionals meeting on “Experience and perspectives of thermal-mining and surface development of Yarega field of high-viscosity oil” by Veronika Korepanova, LUKOIL-Engineering.

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