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Drilling groups and executives generally have a different view of measuring drilling performance. To executives, “Drilling” commonly refers to all aspects of well construction, including drilling, completions, hook-up, procurement, the asset team, and other groups. Good measures of performance can drive improvements between these groups. The first key to success is how to communicate drilling performance in terms that answer the questions of executives and managers, which requires a business-focused cross-functional process. The second key to success is to drive operational performance improvement, which requires a different set of measures with sufficient granularity to define actions. Over the past 10 years, a very workable system has evolved through various approaches used in drilling more than 16,000 wells in the US, South America, and the Middle East. The system has delivered best-in-class performance. It has proven that an effective performance measurement system which addresses both executive requirements and operational requirements can both deliver outstanding results, and also communicate those results, with remarkable value to the organization.  


John Willis is New Mexico Drilling and Completions Manager for Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation. His responsibilities include all aspects of drilling, fracturing, and completing unconvetional horizonal wells. Prior to this role, he was Chief of Drilling, with responsibility for standards, operational support, global systems, the drilling data system, and tools for drilling performance measurement. Prior to his Chief role, he served as Drilling Manager in Oman and Drilling Manager in Libya. His experience prior to Oxy includes other drilling roles, service company roles related to project management and software development, and he operated a consulting and software business. He has Chaired two SPE Forums, served on Forum Steering Committees, and Chaired the 2003 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference.