Production Optimization by Applying Pin-point Stimulation Technologies in Vertical and Horizontal Wells

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As Oil & Gas Producers are driven to improve the rate of return from their assets, coupled with continued decline in discoveries of significant major reservoirs, the need to exploit more challenging reservoirs is growing. Specific to production enhancement or stimulation, both in vertical and horizontal wells, services companies are being challenged to more effectively and efficiently provide solutions to this market segment. Early efforts to stimulate multiple zones consisted of limited entry perforating, sand plugs separating zones, as well as retrievable bridge plugs and packers. Although these solutions have been effective, more speed and accuracy is needed.

Recent development of composite (coiled tubing drillable) bridge plugs has increased the speed and accuracy, yet more sophisticated solutions are required.

In his presentation, R. Kontarev will discuss different types of Pinpoint Stimulation Techniques for different types of completions in vertical and horizontal wells with the goal to optimize production for each well and field. The presented technologies have all been proven to be viable production enhancement methods that guarantee the highest ROI.

About the Author


Roman Kontarev is currently a production optimization engineer for Halliburton International Inc. Russia, based in Moscow. In his career R.Kontarev worked in well testing, production enhancement, i.e. fracturing and acidizing services, and production engineering and optimization in Russia. He holds an engineering degree from the Russian State Oil & Gas University named after Gubkin and an economic degree from Tyumen State University. Prior to his work with Halliburton, R. Kontarev held the position of production engineer with Schlumberger in Russia.

In his current position R.Kontarev is responsible for providing technology support to the field locations, in particular frac/acid job design, production forecasting, post job analysis, estimation of production enhancement method efficiency, planning production optimization projects and participating in field studies.

R. Kontarev is the co-author of two SPE papers. He is also supporting the development of the SPE Student Chapters at different Russian Universities and assisted in the organization of the First Russian Student Paper Contest in Moscow where he also acted as judge.

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