Features of development of the Devonian carbonate deposits Timano-Pechora oil and gas province

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In the Timano-Pechora oil and gas province, about 30% of the oil reserves are associated with carbonate sediments. About half of the deposits with reserves in carbonate reservoirs are confined to the Devonian deposits and lie at depths of two thousand and more meters. 53 such deposits were put into development.


A relatively short history of the development of these objects has revealed a number of distinctive features of their development in comparison with the relatively well studied deposits of carbonates in the Volga-Ural province. As a rule, the structure of the void space of the Devonian carbonate deposits of the Timano-Pechora province is represented by the capacity of a pore-cavernous-fractured type. Features of the development of reserves are largely determined by the ratio of the voids of these species.

The industrial oil content of the object under consideration is mainly associated with the carbonate sediments of the Lower Devonian located at depths of more than 3000 m and containing oil with a viscosity not exceeding 5 mPa*s.

Based on the completed complex of studies on these layers, a comparative analysis of the results of the interpretation of FMI, GGR, FGR was carried out and it was found that:

• the inflow intervals are determined mainly by cavity intervals, and the contribution of cracks to the inflow to the wells is insignificant;

• the inflow to the wells from the cavernous intervals becomes dominant in the secondary reservoir above 5%;

• cavities are distributed mainly in the upper part of the D1op1 reservoir (according to the wells examined);

• high rates of decline in well flow rates and reservoir pressure indicate discontinuity in the distribution of cavernous zones over the area.


These results formed the basis for decisions to improve the development system of the object under consideration. 

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 Veronika Korepanova, LUKOIL-Engineering

Veronika has been working in LUKOIL-Engineering since 2011. She worked for three years in PechorNIPIneft, branch of LUKOIL-Engineering in Ukhta, in the Department of Design and Monitoring of Yarega Oil field Development. Currently, he holds the position of a leading engineer in the design and analysis department of development of priority fields of LUKOIL-Engineering.She received her Candidate of Technical Sciences degree in specialty 01.02.04 - "Mechanics of deformed solid". During the full-time post-graduate course she taught several technical disciplines: "Resistance of materials", "Theory of mechanisms and machines", "Metrology, standardization and certification". Veronika is a young professional chairman of SPE Moscow Section.


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