Permafrost formation cementing, challenges and solutions

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Development of Far North oil and gas field is growing in Russia especially in Yamal region. Cementing of top sections always been a challenge due to Permafrost formation and shallow gas. Conventional cementing systems cannot meet requirements to provide good zonal isolation due to low temperature. Special systems were developed to provide short thickening time and quick compressive strength development.


There was significant development in cementing technology to address cementing challenges in Permafrost formation. Following are the objectives of this lecture:

• Familiarize audience with cement performance at low temperatures
• Discuss benefits and limitations of current systems
• Demonstrate success with the aid of case histories
• Identify technology gaps


Mikhail Popov is a Senior Cementing Engineer at Schlumberger, based in Moscow, Russia. He has 19 years of industry experience and all this time was dedicated to technical and operational aspects of cementing. His knowledge is recognized by Schlumberger technical community. Four years Mikhail spent in Schlumberger training centre in UK, where he was teaching all variety of courses from basic cementing for operators to advanced cementing engineering. Last three years Mikhail worked in Russia as Cementing Domain Champion and was deeply involved in finding new solutions for Far North cementing challenges.

Congress Center of RF CCI. Start at 7 p.m.:

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