Differential Value:Do You Have It?

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Creating differential value generates opportunities not just for companies, but also for individuals by improving career potential.  This talk is directed towards identifying a methodology whereby an individual can develop and leverage their individual skill sets to create recognizable differential value. 

Differentiation for success involves understanding the role of know-how and technology.  How do they interrelate and why and when each is important. Differentiation also involves understanding the segmentation of the oil business into two principal business activities, performance and execution.  Each is equally important, but one is usually more leveraging to an individual’s career.  Which one should you focus on?

During the last five years, Russia has become one of the largest hydraulic fracturing regions in the world.  This is for good reason since fracturing provides significant differential value.  As an example, for identifying and demonstrating differential value, an analysis of fracturing in Russia, since 2000, will be shown.


Dr. Don Wolcott, during his years of managerial involvement in YUKOS from 1999 thru 2004, played a pivotal role in leading YUKOS to become the top oil producing company in Russia, the lowest cost producer and one of the top reserve companies in the world. 

During his years of leadership, YUKOS effectively doubled production rate from a low in 1999 of less than 900 MSTBD to its peak in 2004 of nearly 1.8 MMSTBD.   During the same period 3.5 BSTB of proved reserves were added, in just the core operating units, where more than half was from increased recovery due to improvements in waterflood management practices.

Prior to working for YUKOS Dr. Wolcott worked for various companies including ARCO Oil & Gas Co. and Schlumberger Inc.  

Dr. Wolcott has a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.  He received B.S and M.S, degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

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