Improved Base Management through Block Analysis

Tuesday, 15 May 2007 Read 3569 times
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The Block Analysis Template (BAT) combines standard western industry techniques for oil rate decline forecasting, watercut growth prediction, and simple material balance pressure estimation in a way that is unique to TNK-BP.  The input data are monthly production and injection volumes, average field pressure estimates, and average rock and fluid properties which are known or easily estimated for all of our fields.

The straightforward and classical reservoir engineering approaches embedded in the dual-language template are easily understood by both production and reservoir engineers, dramatically increasing the number of specialists who can be involved with the waterflood improvement effort.  When used properly, the BAT provides a consistent approach to measure the health, maturity, depletion rate and ultimate recovery of a reservoir waterflood. 

Results from the analysis can be used to understand the effectiveness of current compensation strategies, identify key elements of underlying base decline, calculate the value of additional water injection, and develop targeted waterflood intervention strategies.  Block analysis has also been proven as an effective method for underpinning the recovery factors used for booking western reserves.

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