DL: Emerging water & gas shut-off in vertical & horizontal open holes

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Society of Petroleum Engineers

Distinguished Lecturer 2007-08 Lecture Season


New and Emerging Water and Gas Shut-off Techniques

in Vertical and Horizontal Open-holes:

Challenges and Opportunities


Naz H. Gazi

Halliburton Energy Services




Unwanted water and gas production in producing wells negatively impacts the productive life of the wells and the reservoir itself. As more and more reservoirs are maturing, the urgency to develop methods to control unwanted fluid production, and thus to improve the recovery efficiency of the wells and the reservoirs is imperative. Many negative effects that occur during production such as high WOR and GOR, scaling, and skin damage can be pro-actively prevented during drilling by using new and emerging Conformance While Drilling (CWD) technology and thus can facilitate to shut off future water and gas influx.


This presentation will focus on the new and emerging solutions to the challenging conformance problems using processes, chemical systems, techniques, tools, and real time predictive methods and software to derive successful water and gas shut-off solutions for both vertical and horizontal wells. Water shut-off problems and solutions for more challenging open-hole horizontal completions using the emerging chemical and swell packer systems and placement techniques based on the reservoir understanding of the problems will be discussed. Critical factors for developing a successful conformance solution and a water management strategy will be identified. Real life field case histories in deriving successful conformance solutions will be presented.




Naz Gazi is the Sr. Technical Advisor for Halliburton. He has been working in the oil industry for over 31 years including last 26 years with Halliburton. He also worked for several operating companies and taught at the University of Oklahoma and Tinker US Air Force Base. Naz holds MS degree in Petroleum Engineering and MBA from University of Oklahoma. He authored and co-authored over 30 papers and served in many SPE committees. He was the Key Note Speaker on Water Handling for the December 2004 SPE Oil Field Chemistry ATW Meeting in Bahrain. He regularly gives presentations and seminars to different SPE chapters, oil and gas organizations and universities world wide on various topics including water shut-off, well testing and reservoir management, stimulation, production enhancement and optimization.



Congress Center of RF CCI. Start at 7 p.m.:

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