Field rejuvenation and enhanced production using advanced drilling techniques

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Field rejuvenation and enhanced production have been achieved over the years by a applying a number of differing technologies and techniques some of which cover the arena of Advanced Drilling Techniques (ADT).  This presentation will give an overview of the various ADT techniques currently used but, for the purposes of this talk Advanced Drilling Techniques will focus on the application of pressure controlled solutions linked to coiled tubing drilling creating a novel ADT drilling solution to a tight gas onshore Australian field and a UKCS North Sea oil/gas field.

The tight gas field was first discovered in 1966 in the Cooper Basin, South Australia with first production commencing in 1969. Since the discovery of the field, the gas wells were drilled conventionally overbalanced with the majority of the wells fracture stimulated to optimise production from the tight inter-bedded gas sands. Today the reservoir is highly depleted and the conventional methods of accessing reserves are no longer viable in certain areas of the field. Here the operator investigated the application of a new technology to the field to access the remaining reserves while avoiding formation damage to optimise, enhance potential production rates. Coiled Tubing Underbalanced Drilling was quickly indentified as a potential enabling technology for this application and 3 sidetracks from existing depleted wells and 2 new wells were drilled in early 2007. This talk will discuss the planning, implementation and post drilling results of the campaign.

The offshore Gannet field, discovered between 1973 and 1982 and is a mature oil & gas field located in the central North Sea, approximately 120miles East of Aberdeen where first oil was produced in 1993. Original wells were drilled using a tender assist approach however, the tender assist vessel left the platform in 1997, and it was subsequently proven uneconomic to re-instate the remaining platform-based drilling equipment package. A feasibility study concluded that coiled tubing drilling linked to managed pressure solution was the most economic of the technically feasible options remaining. This section of the presentation will look at the pre ops planning of a novel drilling technique, related zonal isolation issues and the integration of a standalone Coiled Tubing Drilling package to a North Sea installation.

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