Practical Application of Advanced Modeling in Flow Assurance Projects. Case Studies

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At the present time flow assurance technologies become extremely significant, due to possibility to take into account effects, linked to dynamic behavior of multiphase flow. For example to complete tasks according to utilization of associated petroleum gas program. For gas-condensate pipeline system the forecast is critical to determine volumes of gas and condensate, which will drop out in pipeline.  Also, it’s critical to determine accumulations which appear when flow velocity grows and/or in process of pipeline cleanout. This kind of forecast is very significant for design of liquid phase separator, condensate assembly unit. Also, it can be done for evaluation of liquid flow impact on stable work of processing units.

Those technologies directly linked to provide safety of pipeline exploitation and by creation transparent and flexible model of hydrocarbon transportation it allows to get quick forecast of abnormal situation. Besides this, flow assurance technologies allow to increase probability of field development far from existing infrastructure, improve multiphase flow management and extend field life. All those factors contribute in CAPEX and OPEX decreasing and in oil recovery improvement.

In this presentation practical task solution experience is consolidated for fields in Russia and CIS.

In particular, pay attention to problems of associated petroleum gas transportation. Also, some other tasks are in the focus, such as wax accumulation, temperature profile calculation, hydrate kinetic and slug tracking.

Congress Center of RF CCI. Start at 7 p.m.:

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