Economic and Risk Analysis Applied to Petroleum Engineering – Recent Developments and Application Examples

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I would like attendants to this presentation to know that is possible to deal with uncertainties present on a number of current technical and economic issues faced by our industry using relatively simple economic and risk analysis tools.

The presentation will show actual examples of Risk Analysis applications for Drilling, Production and Reservoir management as well as basic means to develop such applications.


Even though risk analysis has tremendous potential to be applied on various aspects of common problems in petroleum engineering, its use is not as widespread as it could be. The presentation shows some practical applications recently developed covering areas of well engineering, drilling/completion and reservoir. The reason for presenting examples of such diverse areas is to emphasize the broad range of applications available.

Emphasis of the presentation will not be on the petroleum engineering technical aspects of the examples, but instead on the methodologies available to incorporate risk analysis techniques into the solution of practical problems faced by the industry. Examples presented are mostly from actual industry applications.

Specific applications can be developed to deal with uncertainties existent in a variety of common problems, including well budgeting, special oilwell operations, estimation of reserves, oil and gas field development, the feasibility of waterflooding projects, production forecast, etc.


Jose Carlos (JC) Cunha is Operations Manager for Petrobras America in Houston where he is involved in the ultra-deepwater drilling program for the company in the GOM. Previously Dr. Cunha was, for 4.5 years, a professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta, Canada, where he taught courses on drilling, formation evaluation and petroleum economics and did research on drilling optimization, managed pressure drilling and risk analysis. Prior to his tenure at the University he has occupied several technical and managerial positions for Petrobras in drilling/completion projects in South America, the GOM and Africa. He has authored more than 50 technical articles (including 30 SPE papers) and also wrote chapters for the recent published SPE Advanced Drilling book as well as for the new SPE Drilling Engineering textbook to be published in 2010. He has made several technical presentations in conferences, seminars and short courses. An active SPE member, Cunha is the Chair of the JPT Editorial Committee, an Associate Editor for SPE Drilling & Completion and also the Chair of the SPE Drilling TIG. Cunha has a PhD. degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa, USA.

Congress Center of RF CCI. Start at 7 p.m.:

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