Extended Reach Drilling in Sakhalin

Thursday, 14 December 2006 Read 4002 times
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The first ERD well was drilled in northern Sakhalin in 1973.  It was an exploration well with a total drilled depth of 3406m and a horizontal displacement of nearly 2.5km.  It remained a drilling record in Russia for the next 10 years and is the earliest inspiration for today’s successful ERD developments of Sakhalin Island more than 30 years later.

Since 1998 Rosneft SMNG (Sakhalinmorneftegas) has been developing the northern part of the Odoptu structure, near-shore to eastern Sakhalin Island, with ERD.  Discovered in 1977, North Odoptu is alone among Sakhalin ERD projects in that it is entirely Russian operated and utilizes a unique hybrid of both Russian and international capabilities to address the considerable challenges of ERD well construction.

The talk focuses on the progress made through the introduction of new technology and improvements in organizational capability while drilling on the Odoptu field.


Nelson Mohammed has been with Schlumberger for 26 years, starting in the field as a Wireline field engineer and finishing as a Directional Driller.  He has been directly involved with operations on a number of ERD drilling projects, beginning in 1994 with Wytch Farm on the UK south coast.

Office-based for the last 10 years, he has served in various management and technical roles both inside and outside Schlumberger.  He has been working in Russia for 2 years as well construction domain leader with the Schlumberger Russia Technology Hub.


Congress Center of RF CCI. Start at 7 p.m.:

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